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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Traditional White Wedding Gown

Wedding Dress Gown - White Bridal Gown, Informal Bridal Gown, Ball gown by Sean Collection (B8013) White 18"Here comes the bride, all dress in white."  Sound familiar? This famous song has been played at every wedding.   Perhap, some people did not know the words to the whole song, and the lyics were difficult to find.   

Many brides waltz down the isle to the above tune in their traditional white wedding gown, to wed their handsome groom.  Due to earlier taboos, it would have been a disgrace for a bride to strut down the isle in any other colors.  But times have changed and so have the the traditional white color of wedding gowns.

Now, the white wedding gowns are still the most selected gown to wear for a wedding. But some brides have a different color in mind for their wedding.   Whatever the brides color choice, please make sure it is decent and in order.  A wedding is a very special day, so make it special.

Getting married?  Have you decided what color your wedding gown will be?  Let us know!  Leave a comment.

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