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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Every wedding I have attended the bride is considered the center piece of the wedding.  Everyone wants to see what the bride is wearing, and what colors were chosen.
Wedding are like fairy tales...there is an unknown expectation of the BRIDE!
However, the big finale is the Wedding Cake...usually again everyone is concern how it looks.
 How many tiers is the cake?
Is the cake professional constructed or some amateur prepared the cake?  
Believe me I have seen some tremble prepared wedding cakes, and a wedding is not place for amateurs.
Another great attraction is the Wedding Cake Topper; traditionally it use to be a Bride and Groom standing in the typical way as a Bride and Groom. 
As time moves forward even the Wedding Cake Toppers have changed.
Check out some fun, playful wedding cake toppers that I have found:

Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

Completely Covered Swarovski Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers Topper   Heart Shaped Personalized Wedding Cake Topper - Elegant Monogram  Gold Script Monogram Cake Topper set

Caucasian Wedding Cake Topper

 Run Away Reluctant Bride Wedding Cake Topper Decoration Gone Fishing Porcelain Wedding Cake Topper - Caucasian Couple  Motorcycle Wedding Figurine

African American Wedding Toppers

African American Bride Groom Cake Topper  "Just Married" Beach/Coastal/Island Wedding Figurine Cake Top- African-American  "Funny Sexy" African American Wedding Bride and Groom Figurine

Hispanic Wedding Cake Toppers

Weddingstar Interchangeable Bride - Hispanic  Bride&Groom Hold Hands-Hispanic  Hispanic Couple Figurine Wedding Cake Topper

Asian Cake Toppers

Asian Double Happiness Cake Topper   Cute Asian Couple in Traditional Wedding Attire (1 Topper)

Originally the wedding cake toppers were only available in one ethnic category (Caucasian), but there are more ethnic categories to select from such as; African American, Hispanic, and Asian. 

There are more and more Brides choosing different types of wedding cake toppers, but we posted a few here to think about.